This is the best juicer ever!

The quiet juicing machines are the ones responsible for delicious cuisines of renowned restaurants. When it comes to quality mixing and grinding with least noise production, it cannot go without saying Philips HL1643/04 is at the top charts. This best juicer has lot to offer those who spend most of the tie in kitchen.

good juicer

In love with this juicer

People who are passionate about the taste of the food and well aware of relies on Philips HL1643/04 Super Silent Vertical Mixer Grinder.

It is quite user friendly and does not require any sort of preliminary installation whatsoever. It is a 600 watt 3 jar mixer and is power efficient. The razor sharp blades ensure consistent grinding. The best part of the product is that it comes with 3 different jars which can be used for multiple purposes. Whether it is grinding spices or making milkshakes, Philips HL1643/04 does it job just perfectly. It weighs about 3.8 Kg and is included with an auto shut-off for overload protection. The product offers “simply silent, simply delicious food”. There is no doubt that Philips HL1643/04 is tough on food, easy on ears. The motor is so silent that one can hardly distinguish its active and inactive condition. It often happens that food get stuck in the inner walls of the grinding jars. But Philips HL1643/04 revers quadra flow jars which prevent sticking to walls. A handy benefit for chefs!

It comes in white and blue accents. The jar body is made up of stainless steel. Along with the product, a spatula and a small bowl is also included. The power indicator helps to recognize the on/off state of the mixer. It also has 3 speed setting and pulse which can be regulated as per requirement. Considering the purpose Philips HL1643/04 mixer grinder serves, it is surely a best quiet juicing machine one could get hold of in the market. It is a worth buying product at an affordable price.

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