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Do Cuisinart Espresso Machines Make Good Coffee?

Now that is a question worth asking! There are literally thousands of best espresso machines, let alone other coffee ones, and Cuisinart has always fascinated me with their design and ease of use. But the main reason for buying a coffee machine is to make perfectly brewed and frothed coffee, and the same reason is associated with Cuisinart’s coffee machines. Do they make good coffee? Let’s discuss! Keep in mind that I use the Cuisinart EM 100, so the opinions and functions may vary depending on your machine.

Best Espresso Machine Cuisinart

EM 100 Cuisinart Espresso Maker

If you are thinking of buying an inexpensive coffee machine that can just make a simple cup of espresso or cappuccino, then most vendors, including myself, recommend the EM 100, although it may not work best for many coffee lovers after the next paragraph.

Pods Coffee Machines

The best thing and worst thing about the product is that it uses Pods. For those who are new to this kind of Terminology, a pod is a pre-grounded packet of coffee beans which can simply be filled in the required tray in the machine to make coffee more quickly. They come in different types, from cappuccinos to lattes, and can even be customized by mixing two of them. Although this may sound fascinating, many people who drink coffee on a daily basis claim that the beans used in pods are either artificial or fake as they seem to imitate the actual taste of coffee beans. There is also a ground espresso type, so that people who don’t like pods can be happy too, but doesn’t work too well as the machine is designed for making coffee through the pod method.

My Espresso Experience

If you’re still thinking of buying this until now, then keep reading forward. According to my experience, as someone who is pretty informed about the various types of espresso makers, this machine is easier to set up than others of the same type. The steam wand is longer than others, which is probably a good thing, because a lot of users complained the wand being too long didn’t fit well in their cups, resulting in spills, but the good side is that it gives out more heat and lessens the frothing time.

Customization On Espresso Machines

The second best thing is that you can not only make a single cup, but can also customize the machine to make double shots for you or your friend. The frother also adds a nice touch to your cup of espresso, and makes it look more professional if you want to impress your girlfriend, but if you want to do so, you should probable just take her to Starbucks.


So, what is the conclusion? The machine is good for simple people who just want to drink a cup of blended coffee without getting into any of the technicalities, but is not suitable for people like me who know their coffee by heart. Get a semi-automatic one if you are in the latter one, you’ll thank me later on.

Thanks for sticking till the end!